Custom mobile laboratories built per the client’s specialized requests

Mobile Laboratory Design



Texas OilTech Laboratories is happy to provide our clients with mobile laboratories to suit their needs. We have taken great care to cover every detail in the design, including consideration of:

  • Space Preparation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Equipment needs
  • Power Sources
  • Electrical Requirements


Based on the specific testing requirements requested by our clients, Texas OilTech Laboratories is able to custom-build a mobile laboratory. Taking into account the climate and geographical demands, the electrical resources, the space availability, and any outside constraints, the mobile lab is designed with a view to completing the project within a specific budget and timeframe per the client’s needs.

Texas OilTech Laboratories combines engineering and technical expertise to provide this unique and exclusive service. Under our direction, we have been able to help facilitate long-term power generation projects in countries and regions across the globe, helping to provide adequate power to millions of people who did not have prior access to electricity. Due to our efforts on-site, we have been able to ensure those in the power industry have provided an efficient product that also falls within specific geopolitical requirements that vary from country to country.

Continuous testing at each stage of the power generation process is directly linked with the viability, stability, and longevity of the project’s results. From contamination to corrosion, threats to the fuel, lubricants, gas and water lines pose great challenges to the completion of power generation projects. As such, a well-designed mobile laboratory equipped with a full range of testing capabilities not only presents an asset to the project, but also a necessity.



From the Design Phase to the Finished Product:






At Texas OilTech Laboratories, we work with the client during the design phase to incorporate the detailed specifications necessary for the specific project.  From securing licenses to acquiring the right materials to providing knowledgeable and experienced personnel, Texas OilTech Laboratories makes sure that every angle is covered.

In addition, compact laboratories can be designed to relocate rapidly and reestablish operation in multiple locations.  Often, our clients’ projects require services in multiple sites within countries or regions.  With our mobile design, we can not only custom-build the laboratory specific to a project, but also design the laboratory with a view to future or subsequent projects as well.

If you are interested in making an inquiry into mobile lab design, please reach out to any of our sales associates for a discovery session in how our services can be used to facilitate your specific project.

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