Gas and liquid fuels sampling, on-site analysis of fuels and lubricants, plus thermal performance testing

Texas OilTech Laboratories is happy to provide on-site services to the power industry. From sampling to analysis, we are able to deliver our services on-location to our clients who may have specialized needs. Our on-site services include:


Gaseous and Liquid Fuels Sampling and Testing

Specialized and on-site testing of fuels and lubricants is the most cost-effective way to provide project engineers and managers with critical, reliable data at power plant construction projects.  Results of fuel analysis are available within a matter of hours rather than days so that immediate measures can then be taken with regard to the fuel, the turbines, or to the combustion parameters.

Whether we are providing installation service, performance testing, plant commissioning, or any service that requires a large number of personnel on-site, minimizing the total number of man hours on the job site is key to keeping costs low and efficiency high.

There are many other situations when it is practical to call for on-site testing of liquid and gaseous fuels such as pipeline quality issues or at offshore production platforms, or compressor stations, or where the parameters must be defined for dewatering and condensate removal from the raw gas.

Texas OilTech Laboratories is an ISC Certified facility under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC-17025, and this certification also extends to our on-site testing capabilities.  We have participated in the completion of several hundred power plant projects and dozens of offshore plant sites in across the globe.  We have the capability to support multiple on-site teams in the field.

Our Houston-area clients may utilize our courtesy sample pick-up at no additional charge.



On-Site Testing for Fuels and Lubricants

  • Rapid, on-site analysis
  • Eliminates sample shipping hassles and costs
  • Increases team productivity
  • Increases flow of information with timely data
  • Fully-trained instrumentation chemist on-site
  • On-site assistance with data interpretation

Texas OilTech Laboratories prides itself in offering on-site analyses and assistance to meet our clients’ particular needs.  Often, our clients have found specific cases that require testing beyond the scope of an individual test or even a package of tests.  Moreover, at times the nature of the testing requires a location- or climate-specific environment that is best analyzed in its natural state.  As a result, we are able to offer quick and reliable analyses without the hassle of sample-shipping which may affect the overall performance of the test.  In addition, having a team on-site provides a faster flow of information to our client, as well as assistance with data interpretation if necessary.  With an on-site Texas OilTech Laboratories team, we are able to increase overall productivity by giving our client specialized attention.



  • On-site Gaseous Fuels Analysis:  We perform a complete on-site test of all constituents for the extended ASTM D 1945 gas analysis using a portable DC with Quad Detector.  They contain four independently-controlled GC modules, each designed to determine specific constituent levels present in a gas sample. 
  • Patented Assembly for Determination of Particulates in Gaseous Fuels: Many gas turbine manufacturers now require quantification of particulates in gaseous fuel streams, both in terms of their particle sizing/count and in the elemental identification of those particles, especially for Sodium, Potassium, Vanadium, and Silica.
  • On-site Gas Moisture Analyzer: Our field staff can provide real-time moisture-in-gas analysis at your plant site thus eliminating the need to ship large gas cylinders to laboratories.
  • Analysis of Sulfur and Sulfur Compounds: We also provide on-site analysis of speciation sulfur compounds using custom-designed portable GC with flame photometric detector (FPD).
  • On-site Testing for Lubricants: Using the FluidScan Q1100 portable tester, we are able to provide quantitative information on the condition of the lubricant in order to gauge its reliability and maintain its status. 
  • On-site Testing for Liquid Fuels:  Using state-of-the-art portable analyzers we can provide our clients with data per their specific requirements.


Sample On-site Projects

Below we offer a sample of some of our most recent project locations where we have provided on-site services for our clients.  We are able to customize our testing packages for any exploratory or investigative study our clients request.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.32.58 AM


Thermal Performance

With our strategic partners, Texas OilTech Laboratories offers Thermal Performance evaluation and testing.  Included in these services are guarantee tests for power, heat rate, and water production, either by a witness test or by utilizing temporary precision instrumentation. 

In addition, Texas OilTech Laboratories is able to support guarantee tests on major upgrades of gas turbines, boilers, and steam turbines, as well as provide written test procedures for each or total components of the plant.

Texas OilTech Laboratories, in partnership with our technical associates, provide a full suite of thermal performance guidance, including audits of instrumentation, full support on regular Net Dependable Capacity, Heat Rate and Water Production Tests, training courses on thermal performance of power stations, reviewing Power Purchase Agreements, and assisting clients on litigation or arbitration cases.

Texas OilTech Laboratories combines engineering and technical expertise to provide this exceptional service.  With our guidance, we have been able to help facilitate long-term power generation projects in countries and regions across the globe, helping to provide adequate power to millions of people who did not have prior access to electricity.  Due to our efforts on-site, we have been able to ensure those in the power industry have provided an efficient product with optimal thermal performance for the lowest cost and ensuring low levels of emissions.

If we can assist you in assessing the thermal performance of your power generation units, please reach out to any of our sales associates for a discovery session in how our services can best be used to facilitate your specific project.  Our on-site personnel, in conjunction with our strategic partners, can aid in assessing the specific needs and guide you through the data to best understand the thermal performance of your plant.


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