Testing for particular projects requiring investigative or exploratory analysis

Texas OilTech Laboratories will undertake investigative studies for clients in the following areas:

  • Fuel Filters
  • Unknown Composition Breakdown
  • Referee Testing
  • Failure Analysis
  • Advanced Oil Analysis
  • High Temperature Gas Chromatography
  • Simulated Distillation
  • Composition Breakdown by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer
  • Composition Breakdown by Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Polynuclear Aromatic Compounds
  • Semi-volatiles per EPA 8270-C
  • MSDS Testing (Material Safety Data Sheets)

The various test packages offered by Texas OilTech Laboratories follow the guidelines of ASTM or a manufacturer’s specification when appropriate, even using a customized TOL method number if the necessary test procedures have yet been standardized by a technical group.  The specified test is then identified as the “Referee Test.”

Clients bring us a variety of samples that can best be classified as ‘investigative’ or ‘exploratory.’  They are usually beyond the scope of any single test or test package.  For example, gas turbine questions are often a result of unknown causes of production failure.  Such questions demand a broad approach and may involve several analytical procedures or tools to reach a conclusion.

Biofuels represent another class of product for which exact specifications may not be standardized.  But a reasonable test package can be proposed based on existing protocols for related materials.

A detailed quotation can be prepared for investigative studies and we invite your inquiry.


Root Cause/Failure Analysis

Texas OilTech Laboratories is happy to collect and analyze data associated with diagnosing the root cause of failures or complications with instruments or equipment. Whether the problem lie in a system malfunction, a turbine failure, or within separators in oil and gas fields, we can help with identifying the source of the failure, offer data on how it is impacting performance, and provide cost-effective solutions to maximize operation. We are able to apply our investigative studies across industry and across sector in order to help service any type of system malfunction. Whether we are diagnosing problems at the refinery or during the power generation stage, we are ensuring optimal performance for our clients and customers.



Contamination Identification

Once we have assessed whether a failure has not occurred as a result of a design or engineering flaw, we must also ensure that contamination is not the source of the problem. With our specialized sampling and testing, our team not only takes samples from the areas in question but then routinely tests them to check for contamination. Should a contaminant be present, we then can identify the source of the contamination so as to remove it from the presence of the machinery. Potential contaminants are a constant threat to operation and performance, as they can vary from originating in the very chemistry of the fluids and lubricants to appearing as a result of oxidation or weather conditions.


At Texas OilTech Laboratories, we take special care to be thorough in our analysis, so as to not only analyze potential contaminants, but also to identify their course and offer potential solutions and recommendations. Our clients’ optimum performance is our primary concern.

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