Sampling and Testing for locations requiring special or technical expertise.

Specialized Sampling and Testing


Specialized Sampling

Texas OilTech Laboratories has a rich history in customizing sampling and testing packages for our clients.  Some examples include:

  • Sampling and Testing on Offshore Platforms
  • Natural Gas Testing on FPSO ships
  • Gas Testing in Remote Areas
  • Sampling and Testing of Oil Field Chemicals
  • Sampling Liquid and Diesel Fuels of Storage Tanks using Bacon Bomb/Sample Thief
  • Specialized Handling of Corrosive Solvents
  • Surface Contaminants and Pesticides of foods, produce, and sodas
  • Failure Analysis and Root Cause Analysis
  • Spill Source
  • Filter Clogging Source



Upstream Sampling

As part of our Upstream services, Texas OilTech Laboratories is happy to serve the oil and gas industry through surface sampling, as well as bottom hole fluid sampling.

Obtaining a representative sample of fluids from the reservoir allows for an understanding of the characteristics of the reservoir (i.e., barrels of hydrocarbons in place, molar composition of the hydrocarbons) in addition to characterizing the hydrocarbon’s physical properties such as density, viscosity, and compressibility and their variation with temperature and pressure.

At the surface, testing fluids which are reconstituted from the collected samples from the separator also allow for a less costly approach to understanding the characteristics of the reservoir fluids. Indeed, surface sampling, once the produced phases have been separated into tanks consisting of oil, gas, and water, can provide an alternative to the complexities involved with sampling down hole. Once collected, the separator oil and gas samples can even be recombined in a laboratory setting in the proper proportions to recreate the reservoir conditions.

For more information on our Upstream capabilities, please visit our webpages here regarding reservoir fluid studies and PVT, flow assurance, enhanced oil recover, inhibitor studies, routine and special core analysis, formation damage, produced water analysis, drilling mud analysis, and wellsite services.


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