Characterization of fluids by custom and specialized Pressure-Volume-Temperature testing.

Reservoir Fluids Phase Behavior and PVT Analysis

Fluid samples taken to a laboratory provide the only way to study volumetric behavior and chemical properties of formation fluids. Objective of a Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) study is to determine the physical and chemical fluid characteristics to predict its behavior versus pressure and temperature changes.  A PVT study is used to evaluate the hydrocarbon in place at surface conditions, simulate the reservoir fluid behavior during all production processes, and build a production profile associated with a development plan.

Texas OilTech Laboratories offers both standard and customized PVT testing packages for black oil, volatile oil, and gas condensate.


Customized PVT Package

The customized PVT package consists of the following tests per client’s request.

  • Constant composition expansion (CCE)
  • Constant volume depletion (CVD)
  • Differential liberation expansion (DLE)
  • Separator tests
  • Compositional analysis
  • Viscosity measurements
  • Real-world reservoir conditions—up to 400 oF and 15,000 psi pressure



Customized PVT Study

Texas OilTech Laboratories is an ISO certified laboratory specializing in reservoir fluids analysis (PVT testing). Our ability to create world reservoir conditions – up to 400 °F (200 °C) and 15,000 psi (100 MPa) – enables us to handle difficult problems and to customize analytical testing capabilities that are beyond the scope of other laboratories.


Standard PVT Package

Texas OilTech Laboratories’ testing capabilities offers a series of standard testing to study the fluid characterization. This package includes the following:

  • Quality check of the fluid samples including opening pressure measurement
  • Determination of bubble point pressure, oil density, compressibility above the bubble point and Y-function below the bubble point by CCE
  • Physical recombination of separator oil and gas to the producing gas-oil ratio (GOR) for separator samples
  • Single stage flash for determination of produced GOR, formation volume factor (FVF), and effluent specific gravity
  • DLE study
  • Reservoir oil viscosity measurements during the depletion study
  • Separator pressure test set-up and first pressure test as required with the DLE study
  • Optimum separator pressure determination at room temperature including up to four single stage flash liberation tests from the bubble point pressure to the specified separator pressures
  • Compositional analysis of the evolved gas and stock tank oil (STO) resulting from the reservoir fluid flash to ambient conditions


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