From sampling to on-site analysis, we provide a wide variety of services at the wellsite as well as in-lab.

Wellsite Services

Texas OilTech Laboratories and our partner laboratories are pleased to provide our clients with various wellsite services for the oil exploration and production industry. Among the services we provide include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reservoir Sampling
  • Surface Sampling
  • Mobile PVT Analysis
  • Wellsite Fluid Analysis
  • On-site Water Analysis


Wellsite Sampling

Texas OilTech Laboratories offers a wide range of wellsite services. These tests allow us to understand every aspect of the wellsite from prospective problems to total production forecasts and capabilities. Acquiring relevant data from our specialized sampling and testing techniques give our clients an understanding of possible obstructions to oil, gas, and water extraction from underground reservoirs, as well as the potential solutions towards solving the problems. These solutions start with sampling:

Reservoir Sampling- This sampling technique requires highly-skilled sampling experts such as those trained and represented by Texas OilTech Laboratories to take samples down hole. While these provide the most accurate sampling results, they are also the most difficult to procure and produce.

Surface Sampling- This sampling taken at the surface can provide valuable insight into the reservoir conditions. Water, oil, and gas are separated into surface holding tanks and can be sampled and tested to distinguish their properties. Texas OilTech Laboratories also offers oil recombination and reconstitution to recreate fluids at reservoir conditions.


Mobile PVT Analysis

Evaluating and assessing the natural properties of the rock and the fluids at the wellsite allows us to gain an understanding of the particular needs of the site. From assessing the porosity of the rock, the strength of the surrounding mud walls, the gas to oil ratio of the reservoir fluid, or the flow pressure of oil, gas, and water streams allows us to assess which types of equipment, tuned to the precise measurements, are the best fit for that specific well, rig, or reservoir site.

A full understanding of the site can also prevent potential damage to the equipment or to the site itself, resulting in costly maintenance or shutdown. Indeed, our sampling and testing techniques can explain what may be causing the damage and how to offer a resolution to the problem. If addressed at the exploratory stages of site development, the production performance of the site becomes enhanced to reach optimum levels of efficiency, since solutions to potential vulnerabilities are provided preemptively.

Mobile PVT Analysis- With our mobile PVT system, we are able to assess constant composition expansion, constant volume depletion, separator tests, and other standard PVT tests that normally would require in-lab testing. In combination with our portable micro-GC equipment, we are able to offer a full suite of PVT analysis.

Mobile PVT Analysis


Fluids Analysis

Texas OilTech Laboratories offers a full suite of fluids analysis at the wellsite, including analysis for brine and produced water.

Wellsite Fluids Analysis- With our wellsite fluids analysis, we can obtain information such as the impact that fluid distribution has on properties such as capillary pressure and relative permeability, as well as general fluid composition or potential contamination.

On-site Water Analysis- The water and brine produced at wellsites can be reinjected to the reservoir to maintain pressure or pH levels in natural conditions. In addition, testing this water allows our clients to understand the environmental impact of the water properties.

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