Studies that provide insight into obstacles to oil, gas, and water extractions.


Formation Damage Assessment

Texas OilTech Laboratories in conjunction with our strategic partners is happy to provide our clients with formation damage assessment for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Among the services we provide are included but not exclusive to the following:

  • Drilling, Completion, Injection Fluids Evaluation
  • Fluid-Fluid Compatibility
  • Rock-Fluid Compatibility
  • Rate Sensitivity Testing
  • Return Permeability


Texas OilTech Laboratories offers a wide range of formation damage assessment. These tests allow us to give our clients an understanding of possible obstructions to oil, gas, and water extraction from underground reservoirs.

Damage to the wellsite is not only common and often times natural, but very can prove to be very costly to our clients. As a result, evaluating and assessing the natural properties of the rock and the fluids allows us to gain an understanding of what may be causing the damage and how to offer a resolution to the problem. If addressed at the exploratory stages of site development, the production performance of the site becomes enhanced to reach optimum levels of efficiency, since solutions to potential vulnerabilities are provided preemptively.


In addition, Texas OilTech Laboratories is able to discern whether the damage is natural to the reservoir and the rock, or whether it is a result of the drilling development. In general, natural phenomena such as clay-particle swelling or dispersion can expand or reduce permeability, resulting in less effective production. Other potential factors include the migration of fine grain minerals that have become somehow dislodged which also result in a reduction of permeability.



Formation Damage Assessment Services Provided:

As part of Texas OilTech Laboratories’ services to first assess formation damage and then to offer solutions, the following procedures are provided: liquid permeability measurement, static filtration tests, mud invasion evaluation, simulation tests on a formation sample at reservoir conditions, the effect of different fluids on rock permeability, brine sensitivity, and critical flow velocity.

If we can assist you in assessing formation damage at any of your wellsites, or any other upstream-related concern, please contact our sales associates for a discovery session in how our services can best be used to facilitate your specific project. Our on-site personnel, in conjunction with our strategic partners, can aid in assessing the specific needs and guide you through the data to best understand the characteristics and consequences of formation damage at your wellsite.

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